About Nam Pai Chuan

Our system is called Nam Pai Chuan Gaocan Mun Kung Fu and our origins lie in the Shaolin style known as “Fatt Gar Kuen” as taught in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The historical roots of the style lie in the monastic Shaolin tradition in the southern Fukien province of China.

The best known Grandmaster of this style was the renowned Cho Si Seh-Koh-San who was, until his death in 1960, the Chief Abbot of the Shaolin Siong Lim temple in Singapore.

Our classes are held at the Leisure Centre, Newcastle Emlyn on Monday and Wednesday evenings

If you are thinking of taking up Kung-Fu then you are welcome to come along and take part in one of our training sessions.

For more information visit our facebook page here facebook.com/westwaleskungfu

If you are looking for a martial arts club in Ceredigion or Carmarthenshire look no further than Newcastle Emlyn Kung Fu Club. www.emlynkungfu.club

If you are the parent of a child who wishes to attend you may want to read the following pages