Information for Parents

Kung Fu training is a healthy way for kids to make friends and improve their social skills. Our children’s classes aim to help young people learn in a fun, focused and safe environment. We find that training helps many kids improve their concentration, hand eye co-ordination and overall fitness.

As we don’t train in a competitive environment, children learn at their own pace and are helped to make a steady progression throughout their training, which helps them to develop confidence in their own abilities.

Regular training is essential for progression and students should practice outside of class and respect the value of the knowledge they are given.

We invite new students to attend at least two or three sessions to experience the style of training we offer, before deciding whether to join one of our centres. During this time your child should attend in comfortable clothing, e.g. jogging bottoms and t-shirt. After this point we ask you to purchase a training uniform and to join the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA). The BCCMA membership also provides insurance cover. Children will not be able to take part in gradings unless they have a valid BCCMA membership and are wearing the full uniform.

Bringing children to class

Please arrive on time.
Your child needs to remove all jewellery before the class to avoid injuries.
Remove your shoes before entering the training room and bow when you enter.
Store your belongings so that they do not cause an obstruction.
Where possible please do not allow your child to bring valuables to class. We cannot take responsibility for any loss of valuables.

Supervision and changing

Where possible your children should arrive at the venue in their uniform. Not all venues have changing rooms although in those cases you may change in the toilets.

Please note that adults may be using changing facilities at the same time as children. To avoid any embarrassment for the adult and/or your child, please do not bring boys older than 6 years into the female changing room or girls into the men’s changing room when adults are present. You could use the disabled toilet if you need to assist your child.

Where possible we would like to invite parents of younger children to watch the class or be waiting for them outside the class. If for some reason you will not be able to do so, please let the instructor or one of the assistant instructors know and return promptly.

If your child needs to use the toilet during the class and needs help, please assist your child to do so.

If you are not present when your child needs to use the toilet, we will send a responsible adult with them who will be waiting outside the toilet for them and bring them back to the class. We cannot provide personal care.

During the class

If you are watching the class:

Do not use your mobile phone during class. Please make sure your and your child’s phone are switched off or on silent.

Do not eat in class.

Do not take pictures or videos during the class. If after the class you wish to video someone performing a form please make sure you have the instructors’ permission.

During gradings you can film your child if you have signed a form agreeing not to distribute any footage and not to include any images of children whose parents have not consented to them being filmed. These children will wear a wristband. Adults who have got our permission to film will also wear a wristband.

We will ask parents for permission before we use any identifiable footage for publicity materials or our website.

Health and Safety

Nam Pai Chuan is a contact martial art. Although we will take precautions to prevent these, accidents can happen. Should any injuries occur, we will inform you of these and log them in our accident book.

Please inform the instructor if your child has any special needs or requirements so that we can make necessary adjustments where appropriate.

Before practicing sparring in class we will ask you to purchase your child a mouth guard and shin guards. Boys will also require groin guards. Without those your child may not be able to take part in sparring. Sparring is also part of the grading for green belts and above and without the equipment they will not be able to take part.

After class

When leaving the venue students and parents are expected to bow.

If you give your child permission to go home by themselves or if you are asking an adult who is not their parent to collect them, please let us know.


If you have any concerns or questions please discuss them with the instructor or one of the assistant instructors.

If you are not happy with the response of an assistant instructor, please talk to the instructor. If you are still not satisfied with the response please contact head office:

20 Woodland Way,
Mill Hill, London
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7749 411383